1:00 - 2:00 PM (ET)
Tuesday, July 28

Student Success: Roadmap for Re-Enrollment

Laura Carnes Karlee Christian

USC Palmetto College encompasses four campuses with four different reporting structures. However, all four campuses utilize, and must agree upon the functionality of TargetX Recruitment Suite. After implementing and working with IT staff to make sure the product delivered what was needed functionally, Palmetto College began working through issues with the "human" side of the product – and we aren't talking user errors.

As all four campuses agreed that the Recruitment product would be an asset, a dialogue began at two of the campuses regarding how this technology could be the next step in building an organized and data-driven student engagement, success, and re-enrollment process. Cue TargetX Retention Suite. Throughout the implementation of Retention Suite, we realized that the usage of the product not only enhances communication and tracking of students, but also drives cultural change and initiatives across the university because of our ability to combine the outputs of both Recruitment and Retention Suite. Additionally, through the buildout, we were able to identify and rectify barriers to re-enrollment that may have been overlooked.